How to keep App and Pages in sync

Hey Gliders,

I have created a page using the data from the App. The main aim of the system is to keep the field guys connected to the admin staff in the office.
Now i added a new table and it seems like any update i make to this table is not syncing to the admin portal. Is this expected behavior even though i have tried to link the new table into the admin portal data table.
Is there a point where the syncing stops between the 2 platforms even though the share the same database?

Just so that I’m clear…

  • You created a new Glide Table in your App
  • You then linked that Glide Table to your Pages project


If that’s correct, then my understanding is that basic (non-computed) columns will be shared between the two projects, but computed columns will not be. So it you add a basic column to the table in either the App or the Page, it will appear in the other. But if you add a computed column, it will only be available in the App/Page that you created it in.

Is this not the behaviour that you see?


Hey Darren,

Thanks for your response…
Yes you are correct…apologies for not being so clear in my explanation…

Your response though is on point…this is the behaviour I was expecting but it seems not to be the case…

I have tried to add Glide tables from either end and it does not seem to appear on the other side. I added a table from the App side and I could not see it on the Pages side and vice versa…
I don’t know what I may be doing wrong because I know that they share the same database.

All the tables I had on the App before creating the Page are there and whatever change I make in those tables, they sync but any new table that I add after having created the page is not seen from the other end…

No, I don’t believe that will work.
When you create a Glide Table in one, it won’t magically appear in the other.
You need to Link the table.


Okay…Let me try that. Does it matter the end from which I create the table and the linking process?

No, it shouldn’t matter. Either way should work.

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And it does.
Thanks Darren…Much appreciated :pray:

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Just want to quickly jump in here because once I’m done with the glide app, I plan on doing what Luther is doing: building out a front end for the backend users on glide pages. I guess I just don’t understand how apps and pages could possibly be in sync and even work if the computed columns only show up on one or the other. Computed columns are “if then” columns or any logic type of columns yes? Am I missing something?

When user do something you need to “set column” the result of the computing column to basic column which can be shared between apps. I do this way.

When you choose the “New Page from data” option, you will initially get a full copy of the database, including all data and computed columns. From that point forward, what happens depends on which option you chose at the start.

If you chose the “Keep Same Sheet” option, then all basic column data will remain in sync between the App and the Page. Add a basic column in one, and you’ll see it appear in the other. Add a row of data in one, and you’ll see it appear in the other.

But if you chose the “Copy the Sheet” option, then you essentially have two separate projects that are not linked in any way. Each will change independently of the other, and no data or column types will sync between the two.

However, which ever option you choose, any new computed columns that you create in one will not sync to the other.

And one last point - if at any time you create a new Glide Table in either project, you always have the option of linking that table to the other project. And again, in this case basic columns will remain in sync between the two, but computed columns will not.


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