Migrate/transition/export App to Pages

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Hi @Jason and @david,
Opening up a new thread as the old one was closed.
In the above post, @david is talking about the fact that there’re some massive differences between Pages and Apps. That said, many components are still the same, or at least seem to be. For example, components such as buttons, basic table, switch, rich text, etc. I was wondering if you plan to add an option to migrate from Apps to Pages. The “New Page from data” feature is great in the sense that it copies all computed columns, but it does nothing regarding the UX side of the app. It would be great if such a new Page will at least contain the basic components set in the App. I even tried to manually copy (from an App) components which are available in both Apps and Pages, but I couldn’t paste them in a Page which used a copy of the same sheet.
I’ve gone through all topics related to this but couldn’t find a solution.
Hope you can assist.