Update Native Icons (App)

I love your new icons, but it seems you have not updated native icons to use a similar style, stroke width etc? (I can’t change the icons for “Sign Out” and “Install App” can I?)

I know it’s a super small thing but just wanted to bring it to your attention.



Came here with the same question…

Good call!

We are focused on Pages now, and do not plan any more updates to Apps. (Pages are getting mobile layout and style options, so they will converge into one next year.)

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You mean you will never make any more updates to apps? are you stopping support for this product? discontinued?


will there be a way to migrate my work to pages or do we need to rebuild the entire app in pages in order to get updates?

You can already convert an existing App to Pages and will carry all your computed columns as well!

I was not aware of this - is there documentation somewhere? I can’t find any.

Im not logged in but I believe you click the 3 dots on the App as you would to duplicate or delete and should give you the option to create a Pages

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As Joe said, it’s this one here:

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 1.01.55 PM

You’ll be given the option of Keeping the existing “Sheet”, or creating a new copy. To understand the implications of each choice, have a read of the below.


Thanks. I tried this with a simple app that I’m not using now, it did move the data, but the screens are useless. Everything must be rebuilt from scratch. But with pages moving forward, I think I need to stop a couple of app projects in development and transition them to pages before I spend any more time on them.


This is a good idea.

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