Visibility condition in components inside form button

Data in “COLUMNS” not recognize in form anymore.
Is this the new behavior or a bug?

Yeah I can confirm this. I believe this broke one of my apps another day as well with the same setup.

Please submit a ticket here.

Will be fixed by Friday. Apologies.


Dumb question - my builder (MacOS) does not look like this (Windows appears to have Data separate from Screen and screen/columns data that scrolls left to right not up and down).

Is this a setting or is Windows different from MacOS?


Your app might still be on the old computation model. The old model has the data view that scrolls up and down. Apps with the new NCM have the popup at the bottom of the screen. It’s not a setting or Windows/Mac specific. It’s just the version of the code that you are currently running on.

Thanks Jeff - How do I change/update this? Or am I in a queue? I just duplicated my app but do I need to move it into a new folder/project?

Answered my own question - I just created a new folder/team and it was the new builder.

Any other cool things to know about the new builder??

Yeah, it depends on the team. Newer teams are on the new model. Some older teams are on the old model. I think Glide is slowly rolling it out and addressing bugs and they find them. Nothing you can do to switch, other than create a new team and copy the app into it.

I wouldn’t be in a big rush. There really isn’t much of a noticeable advantage to NCM yet. Glide will get it switched over eventually.


adding @david and should probably re-categorize this post too.

Billing has always been a mystery - I just tried to move my app from its current ‘Team’ to a new ‘Team’ to take advantage of the new Builder and before I could do this I was asked to set up a payment method for the new ‘Team’. Glide already has my payment info. Why is this required? Wouldn’t it be covered under the default “Pro Plan”? The pop-up did not mention anything other than setting up a payment mechanism.

Inquiring minds want to know…

Not going to touch it then…I have been muddling along just fine. Thanks as always.

Billing is per team.

Is there a thread about rolling out a Glide App and maintaining it (best practices, etc?)

I expect that when this is rolled out I will move it to Enterprise so I get support but dev will stay under the Pro plan. I have no idea if this is a preferred way to do this or, frankly, any best practices on how to roll-out and manage Glide Apps.

Any details/pointers/thoughts/missives are VERY appreciated.

This might be best as a new topic. We are getting quite a bit off topic here.

Done…I tried to change this part of the thread into a new Topic but failed so created a new one (under How To) so we could shut this down.

Thanks again.

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