Upgrading to New Pro Pricing

So what is the billing? I thought the Pro plan was now $99/mo and supported both Pages/Apps.

I just copied over my App to test some items in a sand box (about 6,000 rows) and Glide asked me to Upgrade this App for more $40 cause it has than 500 rows.

I checked ‘billing’ and I am not on the $99 plan and I see no place to upgrade. I am billed $80 for two projects in test.

I assume that for $99/month I can create unlimited sand boxes/testing/versions of my app. Is this accurate and how do you upgrade?

You must be creating your apps in a team folder that was created prior to the new pricing.

Create a new team folder, upgrade the team folder, then move the two apps into that folder.

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Interesting - I don’t know the difference/benefit between putting a project in Team versus Apps.

I basically live in My Team but have tried a lot of example Apps/Pages and they exist in the My Apps folder. A lot of your tutorial examples to be exact!

Is the best practice that every app is supposed to get its own App/Team folder?

The My Apps folder will go away someday and everything will be migrated to teams folders eventually. Glide will give us advanced noticed when this happens, so there will be a heads up.

No, team folders should ideally house a set of apps with similar purpose/users. I was suggesting creating a new team folder only to access the new team folder pricing.

Is the best practice to separate Pages from Apps? In my case their will be a corresponding web portal for the App. Any benefits one way or the other from a dev/test/deploy perspective with Glide?

Thx again

Keep them in the same team folder, then. Apps/Pages within a team folder get to share users and tables.


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