Difference between PRO versions

Hi guys!

I encounter 2 different options to upgrade my Glide App to a Pro version:

  1. Using the “unlock with pro”, which leads to this screen:

  2. Using the “choose an upgrade plan”, which leads to this screen:

Both services are different, therefore I dont know what shall I choose.
I would like to know if you guys can elaborate a bit on this topic.

Thanks a lot!
Liran :slight_smile:

Glide have recently changed their pricing from per-app pricing to per team pricing, and it looks the the upgrade UI is still catching up.

The first screen you see is from the old per-app pricing, and the second screen is the new per-team pricing.

Lots more details can be found in the below thread:

Oh alright!
So the only upgrades I need to take into consideration are the team-ones :slight_smile:


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