"Upgraded" to Starter, no link / page to upgrade to Pro?

I have moved my collection of legacy subscriptions – well, I think I have – to a Starter plan, but it’s clear I need to move them pretty quickly to Pro. However, I can’t see a way to do it across the whole Glideapps site…

I still have an annual Pro app sitting there, unaffected. My monthly Starter plan now applies to my (previously Pro, monthly) existing apps, but I can’t find a URL or a button anywhere to take the next step to the $99/m Pro option.

When looking at an app labelled Starter and choose Billing from the Settings menu:

and click Edit Plan

I get taken to this pop-over, which I’m sure is out of date?

I’m feeling dizzy from going in so many circles… any help appreciated. Thanks!

Once you move to a Team Plan, then billing is applied to the whole team.
So to upgrade your team plan, you need to do it from your Team Dashboard, in the Billing section.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 8.28.49 PM

Thanks - turns out it was a website bug on Glide’s part. I was on a Team plan and shouldn’t have been able to see Starter. Because I was able to, and took the bait :slight_smile: I couldn’t then move to Pro. :astonished:

Solution was not that elegant - start a new team, subscribe that team to Pro, then move my Starter apps from the old team to the new team.

George B from Glide Support sorted things out for me :raised_hands:

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