Move Pro App to New Folder

I need to move a Pro App to a new Team folder. I already paid for the year and was told I should reach out to Glide Support. What is the best way to reach Glide Support?

@Jeff_Hager, thanks for your response. I’m not fully understanding the process. Is the “Submit a request” the process to engage a Glide Support person? I choose “I have a How do I? Question” and it ask for my Community post, that should have been posted for 24 hours?

Please let me know am I on the correct path or should I select another “type of issue” to start the process.


Well, I would have considered it a billing question since you are asking about billing on a paid plan.

First of all, I believe you can’t move an app that’s on a paid plan, so you would have to either downgrade the app, or duplicate and move the duplicate to the team. However, I’m not really sure how glide will handle the billing side, since you would get credit for a downgraded app, but it’s billed separately from a team. I’m not sure how they are handling that. The link above has an option to ask billing questions.

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Got it. I will proceed with the Billing option. Thank you for the quick response. Have a fabulous Friday.

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