I cant upgrade my plan?!

I was just comparing all the different plans and decided to upgrade, but when i try to upgrade it shows the error code Error: 1056. I also noticed that f i switch to a different team, i can upgrade without any issue. The problem is that i dont have my apps on the different teams.
Has anyone had this issue?

If you’ve been on Glide a long time and have had that team a long time, that team might been one of the those old ‘My apps’ teams.

Have you tried creating a brand new team, move the apps there, and then upgrading that new team?

Yes ive tried it but i can only move the apps between folder in a single team

You cannot move app to a new team?

If i try to move a app it only shows different folders from that team

And you did create a new team?

yes i did and i just noticed that on new teams i see different option on the bottom left.

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Do you know how i can fix this?

Have you tried adding a billing method to the new team? I’m not 100% that’ll fix it but it’s worth a try.

I dont have the option to add or change billing methods

You can contact support for your billing issue: support@glideapps.com

thanks, ill try that

The support is not answering me. Is there another way to get help?

Try here. This is the more appropriate channel.

If you have a billing related question, click on the ‘Open Billing Inquiry’ option within the link below.