Move app among teams

Hello, everyone,

Multiple family emergencies have kept me off of Glide for about a month. Unfortunately, I am paying more than I should because I’m paying for a custom domain published app under the old billing system, but I also have another team folder that I’m paying monthly in the new billing system. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to move the old app into the new team.

The app I need to move has a couple of paid subscriptions so I don’t want to “unpublish” it in fear that I might mess up the Zapier and Stripe integrations set up in the app. But I really need to stop paying double for two “Teams” which aren’t teams at all–it’s just me.

Glide won’t allow me to simply move published apps among teams, but again, I’m the entire team! The current information and video in Glide documentation seems to be from the old billing system prior to the Teams concept.

Can someone provide step by step instructions on how to do this without messing up the current app, paid subscribers, and integrations. Or is it possible for Glide support to simply move it for me so that I can stop paying double?

Thank you,

Hi Mona, I don’t have any apps on legacy pricing anymore so I cannot test any ideas.

If it were me I might try the following:

  • Duplicating the legacy app
  • Clearly renaming the original legacy app “ORIGINAL-name” and the copy “COPY-name”.
  • Canceling the subscription of “copy”. I think this is in dashboard/team/billing/cancel subscription lower right hand corner.
  • Transfering “copy” to the team with the paid plan.
  • Checking “copy” to see if everything works correctly.
  • I think I would still keep “original” a few days or weeks until “copy” is thoroughly used and tested, just in case.
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