How to remove a created team? And how to unpublish an app?

I have the free plan. For now, that is enough for me.
I have no plan to get a paid plan yet.
Before the new plans from Glide Apps, I had one team. In there I just made copies of the app for testing.
After Glide Apps had introduced the new plans, I created a new team.
I thought I could use that for testing.
I moved one app to there and it worked fine.
Right now the app that is in there is already published and I am using it.
But I want to try something new and don’t want to mess up the app.
So I thought, I create a new team, make a copy of the app and transfer the copy to the new team.
But no luck.
I am not able to transfer the copy of the app to the new team.
It keeps on saying that there is no payment method.
Of course, I have a free plan, so I don’t have credit card details there.
But why was it possible the first time, and now no more?
So now I would like to remove the latest created team because I cannot transfer anything to there anyway.
How do I remove that team?

I also have one app, that is published.
Because I have made a new version of that app, I would like to unpublish the old version.
If I go to the settings and privacy, I can see that it is saying Publish.
And I see the option to unpublish.
When I click on it, it will give a warning that once it is unpublished, you cannot share it anymore.
So, I agree with it, it looks like it is working/thinking on it and it comes back to the settings/privacy screen.
Still showing the option the unpublish.
How can I unpublish my app?

Are these still some small bugs?

It appears so. Contact glide support:


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