Plan upgrade

Hello - I just upgraded my plan to the started package since I have reached the row limits for the free plan. The problem is that all my clients are receiving a message asking the owner to upgrade. How can I get that solved?

Is this still an issue? Can you give us the link to your app?

here is the app link:

From what I can tell, your app is still on a free plan which has a row limit of 500 rows. I believe your row count is currently at 953 rows which is well under the limit for the starter plan, but over the limit for a free plan. I would double check that you updated the correct team folder. Check the billing section for your team folder and confirm which plan you are on.

The receipt says plan is for, but I don’t have any team under this name. How can it be resolved? When I upgraded, I did it on my team’s space so there is an issue when they process the request. Please advise, this is urgent!

So you do or do not see anything under the billing section for your team or any other team folder you may have?

You may have to open a support ticket with Glide Support.

Go to this link Glide • App Maker Platform Without Coding • No Code Application Programming and select ‘Open Support Ticket’ on the right hand side of the screen.

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Hi Jeff –

The issue is that the plan was placed under wrong team.

The package should go on the VM NUTRITION APP Team where I have all my apps. I never used the other team to be honest.

Is there any way to move the app from one to another. Or can the package to assigned to the other team?


Ok, that makes sense. I think the easiest solution would be to transfer your apps to the other team. If you hover over each app, three dots will appear. If you click on them, that will open a submenu, then there will be an option to transfer the app to the other team.

After that’s done, you can rename the team folder to whatever you want.