Is it possible to transfer apps between devices with a starter plan?

Hello, currently I pay for the starter plan unfortunately my applications have completed the number of updates so glide does not allow me to use any of my applications, I wrote to support to be able to buy more updates but they tell me that it is not possible the only way is to migrate to the plan because my income does not allow me to enter this plan,
I would like to know if you know if this could be a possible solution: Create a new team pay a new starter plan and migrate my applications to that new team so I can have new updates again, (However I have read and they say that it is no longer possible to send an application from one computer to another only with the pro plan) can someone help me?

@SantiagoPerez is this something that is even possible? Or is the only way upgrading to the next tier? Thank you.

Upgrading to the next tier is the best option.


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