Can you explain?My Apps projects are no longer supported

My Apps projects are no longer supported. To create a project, upgrade a project, or receive customer support, you will need to transfer your project to a new team.

So basically i have to switch to a new plan ?
I can’t afford 100 to have the same i have now for 32 ( since 2 years )
and i can’ t think to go 25 and lose features .
Can David@Glide or anyone help me evaluate my app what plan it needs?

I have a fun one too: I bought a template, stored in “MyApp” area.
I tried to transfer it …

I don’t like to see something made to reach another goal.
Its not funny ,i hope its a glitch of the system and not a way to
shift to another plan.I don’t know what to think but luckily life doesn’t end here.
I really like Glide , i hope i’ll be .

Any hints,help?