Community Update: Support chat in the Glide builder 💬

Hello Gliders!

You can now reach our support team directly from the Glide builder.

Use the updated messenger (powered by Intercom) to ask for help, report issues, or share your feedback while you’re working on your Glide app.

Opening a support chat

P.S. We’re investigating a bug with the Intercom messenger not recognizing when a user is on a paid plan. If that happens to you, try the following:

  1. Navigate into a paid team
  2. Open the messenger
  3. Reload the webpage
  4. Open the messenger again and start a conversation

Glide to Work winners will be announced in July

Thank you to everyone who joined May’s Glide to Work challenge. Giveaway terms require that teams stay active past trial, so winners will be announced next month.

New Glide features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • Fixed an issue with the new Data Grid component not saving updates
  • Fixed an issue with the file picker modal sometimes crashing
  • Fixed UI issues with the calendar range picker
  • Fixed an issue with SSO in the experimental version of Glide
  • Fixed an issue with Text to Choice not recalculating on changed choices
  • Fixed hard-to-read input fields first reported here
  • Added vertical scroll to the sidebar; should fix the issues reported here
  • Added more details to the “Wait for condition” error message
  • Upgraded Glide AI to GPT-4o
  • Experts on an Agency plan now have a field for entering their client’s email when creating a new team. This update will also attribute you to that team.

Glide Certified shoutouts :mortar_board:

We officially hit 1,000 certified Gliders this week. Thanks to the following community members who helped us get there…

Level 1
@Imad.bajaa @marinakir @Franck_Sulpice @Antonio_Jaen

Level 2

Level 3
@Ahmad_Taleb @chris_radicle @Devesh_Khandelwal @Boomer_Rose

New resources from Glide and friends :handshake:

From the community :raised_hands:

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That’s it for this week!

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Hi Andy,

Was the left nav updated in this update? My text is now a dark black text vs white text which is causing an issue in readability


EDIT: You guys are fast. All good on my end

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We noticed this, too, and are rolling back the change now. Thank you for the heads up.


You also need to pay attention to this for the sign-in button, please.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 01.55.26