Glide Pages: Bugs Reporting category

Following David’s post on Glide Pages, I have created a new category to report bugs. Any issues you may find, please, report them here.

All your comments will help us massively to improve the product!

Thank you to all of you, and enjoy Pages :slight_smile:



A couple of things…

I have upgraded to pro (of course :wink:)

The sign in screen. I have assigned a background image, this does not appear on the page.
Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 20.26.24

Made with glide still appears even on a pro app
Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 20.28.02

I have set up user profiles
Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 20.29.51

Should the avatar at the top show the user avatar, at the moment its just a place holder
Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 20.31.30

If I find anymore I will let you know.

Thank you…


“Made with Glide” will show even on Pro Pages for now. We are working on changes to our billing system over the next six months that will make removing Glide an add-on.

We also want this button to become ‘Edit in Glide’ when someone who is a member of your Glide team uses your Glide Page (we want to add functionality to this badge).


Webview is opening a new browser page instead opening within the page


Thank you for reporting. That isn’t implemented fully yet, it will be for post-beta launch.

go back is no longer showing

show form screen can be submitted multiple times affecting the sheet

May I know what does Title Bar Action actually does? I added a View button, thinking I could view my Details of my search result but instead it keeps showing the details from my first row.

Show form screen doesn’t close after submit

Could you please make a video explaining what you mean?

Could you give me a support link or share the app where you see this?

Hello team
some bugs -

  1. fields are gone randomly from forms
  2. cant upload files
  3. please add more componnets like audio player
  4. support changing font anything from google fonts will be great ( in hebrew its looks like we are in 90`s )

Could you give us more information, please? At least a video showing the issue?

I was happy when I saw this news, I quickly got to grips with this beta and was going to switch to the pro account to publish the application.

But as soon as I saw that the “made with glide” branding was going to stay, it got me cold.

In the “pro app” formula with the apps there is no glide branding, why put it with the pages.

Also I already pay for an app in “pro”, I am ready to subscribe to a pro formula on the pages as well as a private formula in “pages”.

Why not activate pricing and do away with branding? Thank you for your reply.

  1. Form (not contact us form) submit button does not turn blue even when all fields not required are populated.
  2. Cannot upload image to form.



Le composant choix reste en “dropdown” même si j’ai cliqué sur “segmented”

Merci pour Glide Page, de nouvelles perspectives d’évolution pour moi ^^

Could you please show a video and share a support link for this?

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GlideStore Here is the link to the page…I will create video and send…


HELP! my developer is on vacation, i have a glide database that isnt’ updating with orders done on the app i have no idea how to trouble shoot

Sent as requested.

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