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Hi @Katiepb,

Sorry to hear about your issue…
You have come to the right place for assistance but I would advise that you start your own thread, separate fron this one so that you can be assisted as soon as possible.

Make sure to choose the right category when posting your thread.


Where did you send it to?

Anyway, the problem with the Submit button seems to be that the Date Picker doesn’t show you that it’s required.

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Just received confirmation from @SantiagoPerez that it is being looked into.

I removed required from date picker. Same difference. Submit button doesn’t turn blue.

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Ah, I just saw the video. I’m pretty sure it’s the Image Picker bug - it’ll be fixed either Wednesday or Friday. Thank you for reporting it!

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i can’t figure out how to do that

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Hi @katiepb

You can contact any of Glide Experts to help you with this.

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Visit the home page of the community forum and click the “New topic” button on the right.