Meus App estão com vários problemas 🤦🏽‍♂️

Nos últimos dias meus apps estão com vários problemas que estão me afetando muito. Desde a parte de pesquisas, atualizações e listas… parece que a Glide esta com problemas sérios essa semana… me preocupa pois dependo dos apps que fiz para meu trabalho no dia dia.

Obrigado pela mensagem. Nós apreciamos sua paciência. É verdade. Enfrentamos alguns bugs esta semana, mais do que o normal. Tenha certeza de que nossa equipe está trabalhando para resolver o problema.

Avise-me se houver algo em que eu possa ajudá-lo.

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Garantiremos que todos os projetos afetados sejam executados conforme o esperado em pouco tempo.

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Você pode resumir os problemas que está enfrentando?

Title bar button not displayed. For example - your collection component source is ‘Users’, not the ‘Flights’ table that you’re editing. Action buttons won’t display until you have data in the table. I’d suggest adding data.

Please do this and report back if the title bar button is not displayed.

Please have to see second part of the video there is flight table yet

1 Like please can you send a support link (you can send it privately), and we can look at this further?

New video there, during creating title bar button, glide reloads
and became not to display button. I try many times - result is the same Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
Support link Glide
It is very strange^ some times it displaying title bar button, but don’t to display any right panel properties, have a look Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Your tab is bound to the Users table, which doesn’t have any rows that are visible to the previewed as users, and that makes some actions, including the Form action, not work. Please add data to your tables.

If the problem continues after adding rows of data then please circle back.

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may be this is another Glide bug, look my users table have a data, it is default table, they have row owner options, but no data to be available to user

in a past it was worked in any my another pages, but todays pages don’t work

It almost looks like all user rows are grayed out, meaning the screen is not attaching to any row. I see you are previewing as Maria, which has a row in the user table, but I would try selecting a user to preview as again, to make sure you are previewing as a user in the table. Only 3 of the rows should be grayed out instead of all 4.


Thanks!! Reselecting the user helped. But its is new feature that i must exactly select the user. I first time see this requirement.

And another question: if i select anyone, then all row are available, but it means row owner feature is useless?

I’m not sure why you needed to reselect a user that was already selected. That is not normal and maybe a temporary glitch.

When you select ‘anyone’, that is really the same as viewing the app as a user that is not signed in. Seems odd that the rows are showing as available, but in the published app, it would just be the same as not being signed in, so none of the rows would be available until they sign in.

Like @iamtomgray mentioned, when a screen is not attached to any rows, then some things will not work. It’s best to make sure a screen is always attached to a row. As an alternative, I usually avoid using the user profile table as the source of a screen, and instead I create a single row work table that has one row that is available to everyone. Then you don’t have to worry about row owners, or if a user is signed in or not.


Thanks Jeff! This is a common thing when something temporarily stops working in the Guide. You just start to panic and need someone to calm you down: “Everything will work later!”
About not using users to bind the screen, to be honest, I thought I was doing something wrong and also began to create separate tables for this. But in this example, it was necessary to make a demonstrator very quickly and these bugs surfaced. Thank you, your answers helped me!