No Data displaying in App HELP

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
No data or components are being displayed in the App, all empty.

Expected behavior:

Do you have any visibility conditions on any components on your screen? Are you sure you the table for that screen has data to display? Any filters on the screen? Any row owners applied to the table?

Yes, even in screens with no data, it is showing blank.

There is data to display and there are no filters or owners applied to the table.

Does the data show in the editor? Check closely for row owners… you can spot a row owner by a little blue man in the column headers

Yes, Data is available and shown in the editor.

There are no row owners, this app was working just fine a few days ago.

Can someone help me report this internally, this is a big bug.

Which take is the source of the tab? Does that table have data in it? You are showing details on the collection, but more importantly, what is the screen itself attached to?

Yes, the source is my user table and has +3000 records

OK. Does your user table have Row Owners applied? I see you are previewing as ‘anyone’…which is essentially the same previewing as no one (someone who is not signed in). If the user table has row owners applied then that screen is currently not attached to any row because of row owners, then things will not work correctly.

Preview as an actual user, and I bet it will work.

No, even if I view as any other user it is not working and I do not have any row owners. There are also no visibility logic filters applied.

I have build many Apps on Glide, I am having the same problem with two other Apps built on new Pages.

I’m not sure what else to tell you. If you are confident that Visibility, Filters, and Row Owners aren’t in play here, then I guess you’ll need to submit a support ticket.

Where do I submit a support ticket

The directions are in the link I shared above.