(Update not bug! Row Owner in another sheet issue)... Data visible in Data Editor... but NOT in the UX / components for the app!

My app’s URL: https://changeable-houses-3384.glideapp.io/
support link: Glide

I have a serious issue :frowning: I see the data I need to use in the Data Editor for the rows I am using (Row Owners on email). BUT in the UX editor I cannot see any data being read by the app, and the components are therefore empty.

I have been fighting this for a couple of days and I have no idea what is wrong. Looks like a bug… Thanks

All three of your screenshot are showing data and based on your row owners, it looks like it’s using the 4th row. Where do you see that there is no data? Are your specificly referring to the OBI columns? Are the Lookups coming from the images relation? How is the relation set up? Can you confirm that it should be finding a matching row in the images sheet and if that images sheet has row owners applied?


Thanks @Jeff_Hager - the solution was that I had row owners applied in the Images sheet (the source for the lookups) and that was the reason why the lookups were not working.

I was trying to make my app more secure by having admin parts of my app protected by the admin email. BUT this means these generic data bits cannot be seen in the rest of the app. It was only some image URLs (which would be in the client data set anyway) so it is not a data security problem.

So problem solved - thanks!