Possible transients issue?

My app’s URL is 5vitals.glideapp.io

Everything works well so far, but in the editor I’m seeing a strange thing with ‘Row owners’ on when using “Preview as”.

Using the “Preview as” shows all the correct rows (3 rows) for one specific user not greyed out in the data editor of one sheet (glide table in use), but when I click off the “Show all”, it only shows two rows from that user and for some reason hides the third.

Using the app in the editor also doesn’t utlize data from that one row in the “Preview as” mode, BUT using the app as that user on my phone it makes use of all the three rows for that user.

Is this just a transients issue?

The app uses anonymized emails, so if you want to try looking into your “vitals”, circumstances and activites that indicate and prevent possible issues with mental well-being, go ahead and try it :slight_smile:

Problem is gone now, so I guess it was about transients :tipping_hand_man: