Row Owners completely... nonexistent?

Seems like my preview user’s email is not being highlighted, and relations pointing to my user profiles sheet are not recollecting any data.

I’m previewing as, but…

Is this a bug?

Is anyone having the same issue?

I’m not having this issue in an app with row owner. Can you verify your email is indeed among those?

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Take a look:

the row isn’t highlighting, and things keep on breaking.

Does it happen if you make a copy of the app and point to the same Sheet?

Not sure if it will help in this case, but I often find when weird stuff like this starts happening, just heading back to the Glide Dashboard and then re-opening the app in the builder is enough to sort things out.



Didn’t work, but this did solve another problem I had

…aaaand now it works again.

Something here is off!


It’s down again.

*internal screams*

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I’m an idiot!

Previewing as another user and then going back to preview as the same user as before works.

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~internal laughs