Row owners bug?

Hi people,
I’ve run into a problem this morning that’s is bothering me a little, let explain.
So the app I’m creating is public but users are “forced” to log in in the second screen. I’m following the standard procedure of button increment 1 etc, and then the next button is sign in, users signs in and everyone happy. All ok til then, now the users sheet has row owners enebaled but it doesn’t work, I created a profiles tab linked to the users sheet but keeps showing the first row, if you click on the menu and click profile it shows a different email than the one on the profile’s tab.
Any clues why that maybe be happening? I’ve disabled row owners and enabled it again, but the issue remains here’s the link to the app, as you’ll see there’s nothing in it other than profile’s tab.

Thanks in advance and happy Thursday

Can you try duplicating the app to see if the problem persists?

I’ll give it a go

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