Secondary Row Owner Unrecognized

I have 2 row owner columns assigned (1 auto-populates my admin email and the other for the individual user email). Both are assigned as row owners but the Glide table is acting as though there is only 1. It hides user information from admin even when admin is marked as a row owner. What’s happening?

Do you have the actual value of ‘admin’ or are you using the email address of the admin user? Role based row owners are only available on Private Pro apps. Sounds like you are using an email address for both columns, bit just want to make sure. I would make sure the spelling is correct and also try it in the published version of the app. As far as I know, it should work.

Hi Jeff,
Yes I am using the actual admin’s email address, the spelling is correct, and the app has been published. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. Take a look at the information in this thread and make sure you are doing it the same way

Yes that’s exactly how I have it set up. Is this occurring for anyone else?

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Try refreshing your browser. I’ve found that changes to Row Owner columns require a browser refresh to fully take.

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Refreshed and still occurring. When viewing as user, you’ll see the name, then it disappears when viewing as admin.

OK, Row Owners appears to be working properly, but the problem is that you created a bunch of user specific columns. User specific values are only visible to the user that filled it. A user specific column cell can hold values from multiple users at the same time. So for example, user1 entered a name of Bob in the first row name. You as the admin could also enter Josiah as the Name in that same first row cell. Instead your name and picture columns should be basic columns that are NOT user specific.

Row owners filter the entire row to make if visible only to those that are row owners. User Specific columns filter that individual cells data to be unique to each user.


Thank you so much! That was it, you’re a life saver

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