Secondary Row Owner for Admin doesn't work

In my users table I have set Email Address as row owner, and another column ‘Role2’ as Row owner as well
But As an Admin, are not able to view other user’s data.
I’ve already assigned ‘Role’ column in Role:

But in another App project of mine I built long ago, it does work, Our admins are able to view all user details as long as the role is Admin:
As you can see from above screenshot the details are all highlighted.

is this a bug or I missed any config?

So I managed to fixed it. My app Auto-Publishing is turned off. So I have to Publish it for the changes to take effect even for my table.

is this something that Glide can look into? I made a lot of changes and I don’t want to publish any changes when I’m not ready…

So what you’re trying to say is your data setup doesn’t publish before you click the publish button?