How to make add multiple email in a row owner column for admin

I’m using make row owners for user email in user table, I also would like my admins to have access to all rows in this table. I can create a new row owner table for a single admin email.

Question is, If i have multiple admins, how do I go about this? since I can only put one email in row owner column

Use Roles.

  • Set the Role column in your User Profiles configuration
  • Assign your Admin users a common role value
  • In your secondary Row Owner column, instead of adding email addresses, add the Admin Role value.

See below for a deeper explanation:

Still not working for me, can you help check below?

  • by user profile config you mean this?

  • in users table, i made email and role as the row owner

  • As a user “Person 1” with role admin, i can view all rows, but I’ve also set Person 3 as Admin, but have no access to all rows (the rest are greyed out). see below

also I want to have another table with role as the row owner

Check for any additional spaces in the Role. Also, I don’t recommend using the same column for the Role in the user profile configuration and the row owner in the user table. If it was working, a user with an Admin role would only have access to person 1 and person 3. Not 2 or 4. What you should be doing is assigning the admin role to only the admins, and then have a separate column set as a row owner column with the word Admin in every user row. That tells glide that only users with a role of admin will be able to see all rows that have a row owner of Admin.


thanks. I’m able to make it work by not making the role as row owner. instead, i created a new column called “owner”. in this new column, I put a role name whom i want to be able to have access to the rows

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