Row owners not working

I have a user and videos table and want to give users access to each video record based on their role. I’ve created row owners in both tables but it’s not working. I’ve provided two screenshots below. Thank you so much in advance for your assistance.

The user-access column doesn’t match the email of the current user you are viewing as, so that seems to be working as intended.

As for roles, it’s hard to say what’s happening without first seeing your user profile configuration. Have you configured a Role column in your user profile configuration? Can you show a screenshot of that configuration?

And there is no need to apply row owners on non-email columns.

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Well you would if you are using role functionality, but I agree that I would not do that in a User table…or at least not dual purpose the same column to serve as the user’s role and as a row owner column. I would have a separate Role column in the user table to specify the user’s role in the user profile configuration, and then another Role Access column in the user table that is assigned row owners and used to determine which users can access other user rows, for example an admin may need to access all other users, but a general user should not be able to access other general users or admins.


Here’s the screenshot…

You have not assigned a Role column, so the user profile has no idea which column in the user table would determine a user’s role. Until you fix that, any row owner columns that have a role value instead of an email will not work at all.


Thank you so much. You guys are AWESOME!!!

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