'Preview As' possible related bug: Duplicate User profile entries are being created

Bug: A new User profile entry is being created in the source Users sheet every time the app is re-launched for an already logged-in user

In order to allow public access to preview the app first without having to Sign in, I initially set the privacy to ‘Public with email’ then specified the Users source sheet, then switch back to ‘Public’ privacy setttings.

As stated above since the changes to ‘Preview As’ when the app is launched I am seeing that a second User profile entry is being created for a user that has already logged in resulting in a second empty User profile for the same user.

possibly related to the latest updates?

Resulting in this:

UPDATE: @Mark definitely a bug, duplicate entries are being created every time the app is relaunched. see below

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I confirm.
I am in Public with Email and the first time I open the application on Desktop, Glide adds a new row while the user is already in the table.

Each time the application is opened, a line is added while the user is already registered


PHEW! I thought I was losing my mind for a second! Would love to know when this bug is fixed!

Can confirm as well.



Is this still broken? Showing on app today…

Hello @Rosewebstudio
No for me it works again.
Perhaps an empty line or something else in your sheet linked to User Profile. !

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Thanks will take a look :eyes:

Can you have a look on this bug might be related