Filter glitching on profile page

My app’s URL:

My app is set up so that it filters to those who have a profile pic. For some reason, when I check the app on the computer, it’s showing anyone who has signed in with email but has not set up a profile. (pic 1) It stays like this for about 3 minutes, then it looks the way it’s suppose to look (pic 2). It’s actually doing it on the computer and the phone.

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Am having the same exact issue

@Jeff_Hager HELP! Do you have any ideas as to what is going on? Now I have random profiles that go missing, then reappear. It’s not the same profile each time, so I know that it’s not my settings.

I spent a little bit of time playing with your app. Particularly the Pre-meds tab. Unfortunately I couldn’t duplicate your issue at all. I tried with chrome on Android and Chrome on a Windows desktop. For me, only profiles with images loaded and I didn’t observe any changes on the screen after a few minutes.

I don’t know if it’s an Apple/IOS vs Windows/Android thing or if there is something in particular with your profile that has different views??? I was signed in as a user without a profile, so I don’t know if that would make a difference or not. I guess I would double check your filters and try other devices.

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Thanks for trying! I’ll check again in the AM. It seems that Glide has made some changes in the last 24hrs. Thanks again!

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Am. Still facinf the issue and its on iOS and Android unfortunately and I tried to create another inline list as well but still there is an issue

@Yasin_Hassanien Do you have an app link for others to try, or a video of what’s happening?

@Jeff_Hager I’ll PM you due to privacy

It’s still doing the same thing. Creating a profile for a non-existent user. Or removing an existent user. I’ve checked the profiles of a couple of the people that it removes and there is nothing that flags. It’s very inconsistent as to when it does it. Now it’s doing it on the phone, but not on the computer even if I log in as the same person on both devices. Ugh! My app has a major bug and I can’t figure it out! Prior to a couple of days ago, it didn’t do that.

From my phone:

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I’m seeing the same extra profile now. It appears to be coming and going. It seems to show up after a browser refresh. My first guess would be maybe some sort of extra row that’s created when a user signs in and is cached locally. I assume this is also your User Profiles sheet? This might be related to last night’s fix for the issue where glide was creating rows each time a user signed in. Maybe it’s not completely fixed yet and creates a temp record…possibly locally on the device…then after a few minutes it refreshes the data from the server and the extra row disappears. Does this seem like a possible cause of this issue @Mark?

As for myself, it’s hard for me to say much more based off of pictures. I don’t have the kind of access that Glide has, so the best I could do is see a stripped down version the app that I could copy and play with. That, or more videos and screenshots of settings, filters, or anything else that could possibly help me or others to see what you are seeing and how everything is set up.


Hey @Dr_Renee_Volny_Darko

I think the problem ie not appearing with me any more, can you please check on your end?