Logins showing up on profile sheet

My app’s URL: https://medeqpremed.glideapp.io/

OK! User logins (including existing profiles) are showing up on the profile sheet. My test emails
drvolny and premedstrategiestv emails already have profiles, but they keep popping up. And the @Jeff_Hager, your logins popped up several times as well. This is all on the profile sheet, not the login sheet. It does show up on the login sheet as well, but your email shows up twice on the login sheet which is way less than the profile sheet. I wonder if that is why my filter is glitching???

This should be fixed now.

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Yup! It is! Thanks!

I found one instance of login entry in my PRO App’s profile sheet
and since this sheet was populated using a QUERY
The Whole profile sheet had an ERROR because of one login entry - thereby prevent any users to login. This brought in a deluge of complaints as users were not able to login!

All this happened a couple of minutes ago.
Hope this is indeed sorted.