New Logins not appearing in the App:logins tab

Hi there! New user logins aren’t appear ing in my App: Logins tab.
It was working for a long while and suddenly stopped. Any ideas of why this might be happening?

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Can you tell us when was the last row recorded?


the last recorded login was Feb 22


Are there any empty rows at the bottom of the sheet?
If there are, check to see if new logins are appearing all the way down the bottom.

Nopes they’re not down there

I have been building an app just this morning and my login is recorded in the Sheet. You can try sending your support link to

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It seems as APP:Login has stopped functioning for Basic Apps!

@Chana_Chanin Is it still not working?

I’m having the same problem.


So a guide representative suggested that I set up a profile page following these instructions:

As soon as I did, my login page started working again! I hope this works for anybody else experiencing the same issue!

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Does this mean that APP:Logins are no longer available for Public Apps?

I think it is! My app is public with email and it’s working now

It looks like APP:logins have been temporarily down, it works now without setting up a profile!

The app: logins sheet in my app stopped recording date stamps and email addresses on March 7, 2022. What could have triggered that? I am trying to correct it. The app: logins sheet has been working for years until March. My app is set to public with email.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

maybe nobody logs in? :wink:

Not the case. Lol.

I logged out and logged back in using a pin - no record was generated.

report a bug then… there is nothing else I can think of… did you try a brand new user login and see if is added to the user’s sheet?


Please submit a ticket here. Thank you!