Rows Not Longer Populating

Hi, when I click on the data source spreadsheet for my app and look at logins it has stopped populating new logins. It stopped at 8315 rows. I have a pro subscription.

Any help appreciated.


Are you referring to the App: Logins sheet?
That sheet also includes a timestamp for each login. How long ago was the last login? Are you 100% sure there have been new logins since that date?

Note that Glide sets an authentication cookie on each users device, so most users won’t be asked to login every time they open the app. ie. just because there is no activity in that sheet, it doesn’t mean that your app isn’t being used.

A simple test would be to logout of the app yourself, and then log back in and see if a new row is created.

Thanks for the response Darren, it’s the App: Login Sheet I am referring too. There hasn’t been a login appear since the 9th of this month, I gave it a few days in case it was simply no one new had registered. But it’s now been 5 days with no logins and before that I hadn’t had a day without at least 10 new users.


Try that test that I suggested…

Thanks Darren, I gave this a try but it doesn’t
populate a new row.

Okay, that’s odd. I also just did a quick test with one of my apps and it works as expected.

What is the impact of this not working for you? I mean, are you actually using the data for anything?

I check the data frequently to assess usage and it allows me to contact users when I update or change the app. At which point I often ask for feedback. Appreciate you trying to help with this.


It does sound like a bug. Please reproduce it in a video and submit it to the support team.

Thanks - I’m not sure how to make a video for submission. Is it possible to submit without this? The App: Login sheet has just stopped populating with new users.

It hasn’t updated since the 9th of January for some reason.

David is a good and easy way to makes videos.