Last login date

How to store the last login date of a user ?

If you’re using Google Sheets, all logins will be recorded in the App: Logins sheet.
If you’re using some other data source, then there is no way to automatically capture it. You would need to find a way for a user to trigger an action each time they sign in (or shortly after), and use that action to update a timestamp column.

@Darren_Murphy if I add an excel sheet do I still have access to app logins or the app needs to be created with sheets from the first time in order to have access to that sheet ?

I used only Glide Tables in order to be able to scale the app … From what I know, with google sheets sometimes it’s harder when you have a lot of rows … am I wrong , can Google Sheets handle easily a lot of rows ?

I don’t know about that, easiest way to find out is to test it for yourself.

Officially, only 25k rows are supported with Google Sheets. You may be able to scale above that, but how well your App performs depends on many factors. It’s best to assume that 25k is a hard limit with Google Sheets.

@Darren_Murphy but using Google Sheets won’t break the app when you have thousands of rows ? … I know that Google Sheets will open very hard, if not it will break, if you have so many rows

You don’t have to move any of your data to the google sheet. Just connect to an empty Google sheet with a dummy table, so you can get the automatically created Logins data.