registration of user login to Google sheets

I have an application for employees of a truck sales company. I use Google sheets as a data source for tracking machines, and all other functions are in Glide tables. There are 500 updates on the maker tariff plan. I noticed that updates are consumed quickly due to the fact that all user registrations and logins are recorded in the Google table in hidden bookmarks. tell me how to transfer the registration of all inputs to the glide table.

I only see 15 logins in the past month. I’m not sure if those count against your updates, but if they do, it’s not very many. A row is only added to the login table each time a user signs into the app. If they stay signed in, then it would not add a new row.

@NoCodeAndy can you confirm if data added and updated in the hidden Google sheet tables does count against your updates? I assume it would, but not sure.

The Metadata table is used to help Glide track each time a sync between google and glide happens, so it serves a purpose and needs to remain in the google sheet.

You cannot move those tables to Glide, but even if you could, you would only gain 15 updates based on your screenshots.