App: logins - access and limits

  1. how get access in Glide to this table?
  2. how many rows it can store? is there any limits?

You need to create a read only copy of the sheet using a query formula.
Something like =QUERY('App: Logins'!A1:B)
Glide will see that sheet, and you’ll be able to use it in your App like any other table.

The normal limits apply. All rows in that sheet will count towards your quota.

sorry, “read only copy” - where i have to do it? in google?
“read only” - means i not going to write anything to this table, or it’s a feature of table that give some… feature… or something else?

for now, i get info from this table by formulas in other google table. and guess is it possible to access directly in glide.

about limits - looks like it’s not. in case of that table is not in glide representation - it’s not affect on limits.
sure, if i make a copy of that table - all raws will count.

but my question about other matter: each login written to table “app: login”. how long it will be stored? untill 10000 rows? (i guess limits of google row in one table)
when the limits will be reached - what happen? older recoerds will rewrited by new? or appear new table? or newer records will not appear?

The App: Logins table is a special table that only exists in an attached Google Spreadsheet. Glide will add a new row to that table every time a user signs in, but you cannot see the table in your App.

So in order to see it and use it, you need to make a copy of it in your Google Spreadsheet. That’s what the formula I gave you will do. Add that to another empty sheet.

Correct. The App: Logins sheet does not count towards your row quota.

Again, correct. If you make a copy of the sheet and use that sheet in your App, then all rows will count.

I believe the Google Spreadsheet limit is 5 million cells across all rows and columns in all sheets. So the effective row limit depends on how many sheets you have, and how many columns in each sheet. But you will hit the Glide limit a long time before you hit any Google limits.

If you ever hit the Google limits, then my understanding is that you can’t add any more data.
Once you hit the Glide limit, excess rows will not appear in your App.


thx for all reply :+1: