Database Storage Limit

Hello Gilde Fellows,
I’m reaching the maximum Row limit of my app ( 20 K+ with more than 1500 users).
Unfortunately, Glide doesn’t offer yet an extension for Pro App with unlimited Rows.
Because I want to keep the Glide App live and up& running, I looking for database storage optimization.
I would like to ask the Glide experts some advice.

App Setup:

  • Pro
  • Public with email
  • Current DB load: 20K Rows
  • Number of users: 1500 users

Optimization idea:

  • Delete the Rows of the App:Login-> But I think it can destroy the link with the UserTab (automatically populated)
  • No other ideas ;(

Thanks in advance for your kind help
Take care

You can safely do that, and it won’t affect the app in any way.

I guess my suggestion would be to explore ways that you can shift older data to another spreadsheet.
Only you know how your data is structured, so whether or not that is feasible is something you’d need to answer for yourself.

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App: Login rows won’t count in your row count unless you’re somehow linking it with the app through a mirrored sheet.

As Darren said above, if you don’t really need old data, you can find a way to archive them somewhere else to keep your app under the row limit.

Or when Glide offers a quick way to convert a Sheet to a Glide Table then go for it.

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If a row containing a link to an image/file uploaded to glide is moved to a different sheet that is not part of the live app, does the image/file get deleted after a set period of time?

Good question. Thinking about it I think it’s a yes.

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Agreed. I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that “orphaned” images are purged after a period of time. Can’t find the reference right now though…

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How much more do you expect your DB to grow? 25,000 is more of a google sheet bottleneck issue that’s easily resolved by using glide tables. The other issue is the amount of data that has to be cached on a user’s device at any given time. Most data is downloaded to a user’s device, unless you are using Row Owners to restrict which data is accessible to a user. If the amount of data that any given user can access is small, then you will probably be fine. I don’t believe 25k is strongly enforced.


@Darren_Murphy Thinking out loud here, but what if, for argument’s sake, the image/file links were moved to another sheet which is then used by a new live app. I wonder if Glide would still orphan the images/files because they were originally uploaded to a different app that they are no longer used in.

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If images are being used in an app (any app), then by definition they are not orphaned, eh?
If Glide were to purge images in that scenario then you’d have to consider that (very) broken behaviour. But I can’t imagine that’s what happens.

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