Logins not being recorded in google sheet

My app is set to Public-email. When I try to login as a new user, the data from the login goes to the Data(Users sheet) but not into the Google Sheet (Users Sheet). Any ideas what may be the issue. I did something wrong because last week this what not an issue.

Can you scroll down and check if it’s down there in your Sheets?

Good thinking but unfortunately not. In fact none of the new users actions are being recorded on any of the sheets- related to this issue. I did delete the rowID and replaced it with new one earlier today- maybe that scrambled/confused Glide?

Strange because if I make a change to the Users G-Sheet then it gets added to the Data Editor Users Sheet

Not sure if rowID plays a part here, but any of your forms don’t get recorded to the Sheet?

Did you change your Google password recently?

No change on the password. Nothing writing. Not even in old backup copies. Could something have gone haywire by changing from White list to public-email? or With the recent changes to Glide? Hmmmm I am going to have to tackle this in the morning. But quite a critical misfire…

You can try to find it using “Find” in entire Google Sheet with your user details which is missing. If it is there anywhere in Google sheet, it will show.

Beautiful, thank you Pratik! I am not sure what was happening because I thought I tried scrolling all the way to the bottom to see if it was there. But when I did the search it came up. Nice. Thank you!

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Glad you find it! Welcome