Sheet no updating what is done in the app (happened after i erased 10k records)

My app’s

Hi, I need help because I have users with their logs that are not being recorded to the sheets.

Thank you,

Is it only certain users, so it works for some people, but not others? What kind of connection do they have?

Hi Jeff!

Since the issue that time needed to be resolved asap, what I did was transferred the url to another pro app, so that the users would not have to wait.

All users’ logs were not recorded in the sheet after deleting 15k rows. It looks like the google sheet was disconnected. That’s why i used a separate sheet (a back up) and a separate app (but i used the same url).

I wonder how the app would be disconnected to the sheet.

Anyways, hope it wont happen again. I will be deleting another 15k rows by next week.

Thank you!

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