URGENT: New user profile data does not write to my sheet

Hi! Serious bug here.
900 users have so far successfully created a user profile in my app in the last months with email+pin.

The last 8 users today have submitted name and phone on my “registration screen”.
The user is able to write to the number and text field and successfully create a profile by flicking a switch, BUT the submitted data is not stored in my “User profile” (Row owner) sheet or anywhere else.

The user is able to complete registration and they see their own name and submitted phone in the app. But the data is nowhere to be found in my sheet. How can this be? Is data stored temporarily in a browser cookie?

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I am having serious issues to on user profile NOT being written to GSheets, even though I can see the data in Glide in the data viewer. I filed a bug thing - it is driving me nuts.

I am NOT seeing user data in the Glide data viewer either. How strange. This started today for you, Mark?

This is not the first bug someone has reported today. I’ve been having issues with actions. Perhaps there’s a small outage.

However, I am able to see user data

Yes. And for a brief moment my onboarding method worked correctly (about 2-3 hours ago ish). Then it stopped working… and I have spent hours unsuccessfully fighting.

It does remind me how terrible it is not to be able to save draft tabs or make copies of tabs. Hours of work might be lost… grrr…

Update to what I wrote under “EXTRA WEIRD”:
It seems the user is sent back to the user registration screen after a while, probably when the app does a refresh and discovers that name and phone+switch=TRUE has not really been stored in the sheet.

This issue has now been fixed by Glide engineers. Thanks! :smiley:

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