Data is not saved

when users register their data is not saved in spreadsheets, and I have already tried to see if I had put something wrong, but it doesn’t seem: C probably if I have put something wrong, but I don’t know what, can someone help me?

Can you try scrolling all the way down your sheet to see if it’s there?

it’s not on the sheet

How do your users register?

by a form

Do you have a video of the bug in action to share here?

I don’t have video but when I make a user from glide it looks like this


but when the user I do it from a normal mobile it appears like this

in glide data the user is duplicated

and does not register on spreadsheets


This is strange. Does your app contain any sensitive data, can you give me the option to copy it back for a deeper look?

it has no confidential data, you can look at it

Can you share your app’s link and turn on the option to copy?

You have a few users down here.

I create them from glide, but the problem is when they do it from the mobile

Why do you have this “email is empty” option?

It was the only way to see that or not, so I put it in a tutorial that I saw, I don’t know about this, I’m new to glide :frowning:

You have already filtered that screen by email.

If you want to let users edit their profile, turn on the edit option here.

thank you!!!

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