Duplicate record being created while registration

Am getting a duplicate record during registration.

  1. Once the users sign in through Gmail a new record is created in profile sheet
  2. Then when there is a registration, instead of updating the data associated with existing user email, it creates a new record.

Need help

Hi Jeff,

Thank you. So my other app works perfectly with registration button which is added to open form.

BUT the second app seems to duplicate the record. What you have said is the exact problem. But I am unable to solve even with your recommendation to link the registration button to a screen and not to a form.

OK… Probably If I stop glideapp from Creating a record it will solve my problem. But how do I stop it from creating a record?

I need an urgent help with this guys…

You can remove the user profile option by inserting the sheet from the user profile settings, but honestly I honestly prefer it because it opens up the user profile to be used all over the app.


What didn’t work with my recommendation. Can you describe the process you go through to finish a profile?

So the problem with the solution when I link to screen to complete profile is that

  1. Since there is no data in the profile, it doesn’t show the required input fields like name and phone number

  2. And user has to click on the edit button above which is not user friendly. They will miss it.

Can you show any screenshots? What by there being "no data in the profile’ if you are saying that glide is adding an email to the sheet when a new user signs in? If you don’t want to use the edit button, you can add entry componets instead, which will allow direct entry and instant updating of fields in the profile sheet without having to go through the edit screen.

I think I solved it based on your inputs.

I removed the sign in component inside the menu tab.

I think that is what was creating duplicate records.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks a lot for the timely help. Could fix the issues based on your inputs. By linking registration to link screen the issue got fixed and it Works like a charm.

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