Data visible in Glide... but not written back to GSheet

My app’s URL:

This might be a bug… or somehow the data is not writing back to the sheet.

This is from my onboarding process - the ‘tab’ is the User Sheet with e-mail is signed-in user
Eventually the user gets to the Step 1 to enter in their first name, last name, and email

  • I can see in the Data editor that the data is being entered
  • I can see in the Glide Table for the G-Sheet that there is data

When the user clicks on the arrow to go ‘next’ they continue through the process. The data should have been stored in the row, the data should be in the GSheet, and my calls can be done in GSheet.

BUT - bug? - the GSheet is NOT updated! The button does a ‘Set Column’ - not touching the values inputted by the user, and instead just setting the date field and the button value so I can keep track of the user through the process.

AND THEN… when I look in the GSheet, the row is empty, even though there is data in Glide.

When I then complete the process a column is set ‘HasProfile user’ to TRUE and the tabs appear (and the onboarding screen vanishes).

BUT 1) one of the tabs - with exactly the same visibility as the others is NOT visible
2) even worse, My Profile has the user profile data we put in earlier

but the GSheet remains completely empty. And when I edit the info,… the data is seen to be changed in Glide… but nothing is written AT ALL.

Grr/// cry…

Any ideas? Thanks!

BTW it is NOT empty rows or a stray row in the User GSheet.

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@Mark_Turrell can you please join me on Zoom and show me? Launch Meeting - Zoom

Sure - going back online now - thanks!

@david and @Mark_Turrell

it looks like the same issue reported here URGENT: Actions no longer working as of 11:30 AM CST


Just tested a bit more - the rest of my app is ok, but the problem is writing to my Users GSheet. I have user profiles set up. Hopefully, the gremlin will see the light of day and disappear in a small pile of dust :slight_smile:

My problem is when you try to update something using a Set Columns action.

The updated data seems to live and be stored on user device but in GS, those changes aren’t showed nor saved.

Say hello to your gremlin! :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m experiencing the exact same problem.

We’re troubleshooting this now.


For rows failing to write, was there ever a row there previously that was deleted?

Hi David -
Not in my particular case. It does appear that all rows/ columns are failing to write.

I think so @david

I was testing some new ideas and deleted some rows via GS and Glide Editor.

Later, the chaos appeared :frowning:

Having the same issue @david and it’s new rows/users

We believe this is fixed. Can you please try reloading your spreadsheet, and seeing if the issue remains?

I have users in the Google sheet not appearing in the Glide editor

I just sent an email to support with a link to my app. Need review and assistance as soon as possible. Thanks!

Im currently experiencing a submission showing up on my google sheet however it is not showing up in the glide editor. Which is similar to what mcclurefaith is experiencing. Thanks for any guidance that you all can give me to fix this problem.

My suggestion is to also send the support link for your app to the glide support email so they can take a look

We’ve found the issue and a fix is rolling out. It should be fully resolved in 20 minutes.


Hi guys i have the same problem where the data is written to GSheet, but doesn’t appear in the Glide app.

Do fix it, thanks.

The fix is released. Please refresh and reload your sheet and let us know if it works now.

There may be a couple different issues overlapping, so please let us know if you still see anything strange.