Data is not recorded

Dear, I am having problems in my application in which I am registering data and these are not reflected in google sheets, I would like to know if there is a problem with glide or a type of update

Hey Carlos,

Could you please be more specific… what exactly is not working? Add row, edit, something else? What does your flow look like?

Screenshots are always helpful :wink:

The data that is recorded in glide is not working, it is not reflected in my google sheets sheet

Hmmm it’s working for me. Could you please be more specific/ share screenshots? It’s hard to diagnose your issue without more context.

Here I share a video that I recorded 1 minute ago

In your video at ~40 seconds you have an action attached to a your submit button. Could you edit that action and show me how it’s configured? Are you using row owners? Could we also see the view of the table from inside the data editor?

Well, the button only has the function of returning to the previous view, since it is not a form, it is only editable data, so glide updates it when the user adds data in the input field, the button is only for decoration