Not reflected on google sheet

After January 1, 2020, data input from form screen is not reflected on google sheet.

Did you look at the very bottom of the sheet?

There are countless posts about this.

The data row exists but contains no values.

I checked the form screen and found that the data entry fields were lost. The form screen has not been modified recently.

Can you make a video of the bug please?

The input fields and display fields of the form that should have been set on the GlideApps screen have been lost, and have been restored by setting them again.

As a result, they misunderstood that the data rows in Google Sheets were not reflected.

I don’t know why the configured fields disappeared from the GlideApps app screen. It is difficult to reproduce and cannot be recorded on video. Excuse me.

Same problem here!

I had the exact problem. New data was reflected on the app (and on the Data tab on the builder) but not on Google Sheets.

I scrolled down (about 100 rows +/-) and found the data inputs. Not sure why or how this happened. What I did right after was deleting all the “excess” rows, so that freshly inputted data (in the app) does not wonder off too far :wink:

@arod What you did is the proper solution. Usually it’s arrayformula’s that cause new rows to go to the bottom of the sheet. Even if a row appears empty, any formulas that populate a column make any available rows be considered filled. Glide/Google doesn’t want to write new data to populated rows, so it creates a new row at the bottom.

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