Have users record their pronunciation

Hey guys!!! I’m still working on my teaching app. I would like to know if there’s a way to have users record their voice. For example, there will be a list of words with the sound and they have to record their voice in order to practice pronunciation.

Any thoughts?


You could open the word they need to pronounce, with an email button. You place an ID in the mail server+RECORDID@gmail.com,… you tell the users to record using their voice recorder on the phone,… then attach to the mail and send it. (gmail account) --> This triggers ZAPIER, upload the sound to Soundcloud account on that gmail account, hidden. You get the link back, you have the ID from the email, you can now update your google sheet, the right record, with the soundcloud url.

I would probably just use a voice recording app that gives you access to the recordings. Then upload the audio recording in the app with a file picker.

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Hey Guys!!!

Does anyone know why an app would not transfer info to the google sheets? I’m helping a friend with a delivery app but the info that is filled up through a form is not being transferred the the sheets. It stays only on the glideapps data.

Any ideas?

Did you scroll down to the bottom of the sheet? I bet it’s there.

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Let me try that.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager! There were at the Bolton. Now how do I prevent it to do that?

Thanks! This was really helpful! Now one more thing if you may.

Im working on this app https://dulcesrays.glideapp.io/ for my aunt in Venezuela. Anyways, I got to the point in which I can see what each user orders but when trying to calculate the total out of different items I got stuck. I thought I could do a rollup but it keeps adding the total for every user.

Any ideas??

I just noticed that users can order without fiiling up the profile which causes trouble. Thanks to christophe@smapp.io for showing that to me.

Anyone knows how to solve those to problems?


Set the visibility on the order button to only be visible if all the vital profile fields have been filled.

@Tim_Sullivan That was my first thought, however when I tried I have no way to do it. I am thinking about making a relation but I can’t think of how to do it.

There are 2 quick ways to do it, or a combination of the two.

  1. Once a user logs in, use a form to complete their profile. Make the fields required in the form.
  2. Set visibility based on those fields being NOT EMPTY. (This could actually be used as a built in redundancy to ensure complete profiles before ordering.)

Make it visible only if:

Name is not empty
Address is not empty
Next requirement is not empty
Next requirement is not empty
Next requirement is not empty

Keep going until you’ve picked all the fields from the profile you need complete.


@Tim_Sullivan I just did all that. Still no way to link the button to the profile.

Is there any way to link the App:Loggin to the Perfil. That way if they have not filled up the profile, I think they would not be able to order, I think.

This is a good place to start. He explains how to force people to complete a profile before anything else.

Spend some time searching this whole forum - there are TONS of great ideas to work from, but they don’t normally come pre-written for you, it’s gonna take some work on your part, definitely more than 12 minutes of trying. Patience and persistence will give you the results you want. This “teach a man to fish” approach will reduce your dependence on others to make that next step in your app.

Best of luck.


Thanks appreciate it!

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To calculate a total for only one user, you will need to create a relation column that links the user email to all the orders that contain that email. Then you can create a rollup column against that relation to get a total only for that user.

Here’s some information on User Profiles. Once you enable them, them you will have access to the user profile information for your visibility condition.


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:laughing: How many times you’ve written that comment :stuck_out_tongue: (to me included)

@Naos_Wilbrink A lot! :rofl: