User input into Google Sheets?

I have synced Glide and Google sheets and when I input data onto Glide input which is connected to a Google Sheet, the data show in Glide but not in actual Google Sheets

But when I input on my Google sheet, the data correctly show up in Glide.

Is it possible to input data onto Google sheets when they submit a form in Glide?

Do you have any empty rows at the bottom of your Google Sheet?
If you do, scroll all the way to the bottom and check if there is anything there.

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Oh… I have set formulas in the empty cells all the way down to 1000th row, how can I make the user input into the next row instead of 1001th row? User inputs will be only in Column A-E and the rest is filled with formulas.

Yes, if you have formulas in your spreadsheet, Glide will see those rows as not empty and will add new rows at the bottom. There are a few ways to deal with this.

  • Option 1: Convert your formulas to arrayformulas and delete all empty rows.
  • Option 2: Get rid of your spreadsheet formulas altogether and replace them with Glide computed columns.

Option 2 is generally the better option, but it depends on the nature of the formulas and whether you actually need the calculated results in the Google Sheet.


Thank you for the answer.
I think I will first try to copy the same functions in Glide as well to see if I can

If you have trouble with that, feel free to ask for help. Many of us are quite experienced with this topic.

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