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I work with a googlesheet. i have a page called ‘Tracke’ which is a list in the app
In the ‘header’ of this list, I have a ‘+’ buttom. When i click on it, I can fill in a form, click on OK and a new row is add on my app… on the glide sheet but not in googlesheet (my reel database).
If i modify an existing element in the list, it modify my googlsheet, but when I add row, no…

Is it possible to add row in googlesheet directly when I had row in app ?

Thank you


Do you have any empty rows at the bottom of your Google Spreadsheet?

If you do, check all the way at the bottom.

Yes i have some row without information…

Did you find any extra rows (added by Glide) at the bottom of your sheet?

It’s always best to delete empty rows at the bottom of your Google Sheets. Especially if you use arrayformulas. Glide will always add new rows in the first empty row that it finds. If there are “empty” rows that contain formulas, Glide will skip over them and add a new row at the bottom.

Ok, you’re right, a new row is at the bottom, I didn’t see.
So, is there a way to add row in empty rows with formulas ?

Thank you

No, Glide will see those as non-empty and will add new rows below.

Are these formulas that you copy/paste down as new rows are added?
If they are, you would be better off replacing them with arrayformulas. See below for more on that:

Even better would be to get rid of formulas in your Google Spreadsheet altogether, and do all calculations in Glide using computed columns. Whether or not that is the best idea depends on the purpose and use of your App.

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All right, I will see that! Thank you very much for your help !

It woooooooorks !!!

Very happy to earn something usefull !!!

Thank you so much

All the best

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