Where does Glide insert new entries in a Sheet?

Hey all.

Started building a small nutrition app. I’ve been using a Google Sheet for a few months now, but thought it would be awesome to do the data entry on the go via a Glide app.

I was curious where/how Glide adds new entries in a sheet. See example here: https://jmp.sh/nbnbqG6
I want the new entry to be immediately below the previous one. But it seems to jump some rows? I have some VLOOKUP formulas that I want to interact with my data entry. But it seems Glide adds a new entry ONLY if it finds a completely blank row? Or…?

Would appreciate your input.

Thank you!

See the note about this in our documentation: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/guides/quick-starts/getting-started/adding-items

(New rows add after any other content)

If you are not using arrayformulas, I suggest you should. Also be sure to delete any empty rows.


The arrayformulas seems like what I need. Would Glide understand that applied arrayformulas do not actually count as filled row? So that when I add a new item, it would automatically calculate what I need via the array formula?

Thank you.

Rows with an arrayformula applied are still recognized as filled rows. That’s why I recommend deleting all empty rows, otherwise new data is added after the last row in the sheet.
A new row of data from Glide will create a new row in the sheet and the arrayformula will automatically apply to the newly created row.