Seem like glide is adding new record to the end of the sheets , is that correct?

Seems like glide is adding new record at the end of the sheets , is that correct ? why is that ?
Also sometime it looks like some records added in the app aren’t reflected in the sheet, they are seen in the glide Data area but there not in the sheet itself … is that a bug ??
Do i need to define a specific/minimum number of rows ?

If i add a record in the sheet it reflected in the app …

I don’t have a pro yet , is that has to do with it ?

Hey… Do you mean at the bottom of the sheet? Maybe you have an array formula and lot of empty rows?
Try deleting all empty rows.
If you add a record to the sheet, I’ll reflect in the app.


In this case I have a calculated col (fx) based on another col in the same tab so I drag the formula all the way down ~1000 rows … (I know i can also use array formula … )

The calc col is checking if the date is this month based on another col that holds date value …

Does array formula gives glideapps hard times ?


Dragging a formula is going to give you a hard time. Glide will not add new data to a row that’s filled with a formula. That’s why you need to delete empty rows and use array formulas. Glide will add a new row and the arrayformula will automatically apply to that new row.


We cover this in the docs:

Glide asks Google “add a row to the sheet” and Google adds it after all ARRAYFORMULA results.