User input data goes in row 455 rather than next empty row

Hi All,
I’ve recently made an inventory app on glide that has tabs as follows,
Inventory, User Transaction, Raw Mat. Purchase and vendor database.
Of these tabs, only User transaction tab allows users to input data.
The problem:
Whenever new data is input in ‘User transaction tab’ in app, the data is getting stored in row 455 of the respective sheet and not in the next empty row.

Any help appreciated.
Mayuresh G

You can have a read here.

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Hi, that was a helpful suggestion.
But the problem isn’t quite solved yet, I’ll elaborate.
In the ‘User Interaction’ sheet, I have added formulas for empty cells too, so when new data gets entered additional data will be automatically filled.
And now when I input new data, this data is getting added in a new row where the formula isn’t entered
I’ll attach a screenshot

MMG is the new data, and you can see the formula is present in the above row.

Because you already have data for those lines, it will not be messed with by Glide, Glide must use a complete empty row to input new data.

Use arrayformula and give those a null value instead of a 0 here.

Hi, I read your tutorial and understand it as well but have trouble trying to implement as I’m pretty new to this.
I understand that even if the column/output is empty, it doesn’t get treated as null as the formula is present. But I’m having difficulty understanding where and how should I write the formula.

If you use an arrayformula, the formula is there and:

  • The empty rows won’t be counted towards your row count.
  • New rows will have the formula automatically calculated.
  • However, you must delete the empty rows because somehow Google sees empty rows as filled and Glide’s inputs are put in the next “not empty” row, which is at the bottom of the sheet.

I have put some formula in there, you can try putting them in your first row.